Center for Psychological Health


Contact for Telehealth

The Center for Psychological Health is now offering Telehealth services with Dr. Debjani Sinha for Ohio residents only.

Contact Dr. Sinha at (513) 791-9900.

Telehealth Services

These are difficult times for everyone.  Many individuals are experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety, depression and worry about themselves, their loved ones, and their community.  Social distancing, while protective, is isolating us from our natural support systems.  It can help to reach out to a professional to sort through  one's feelings, worries and anxiety.  Pre-existing mental health conditions can be exacerbated by additional life stressors.  Many of us have had to make major shifts in our lives; with change comes stress.  Telehealth offers a safe and secure way to get help.  Please reach out if you feel this would be helpful to you.  The COVID-19 crisis has brought enormous change to our lives.  

Telehealth is easy to use.  You do not need any special apps.  Dr. Sinha uses a secure, HIPAA compliant browser based delivery of Telehealth services and can be accessed via your smart phone or a computer.

Are you a college or high school student?  Students returning to an  new educational (online) environment can find themselves procrastinating, struggling with organization, and in meeting deadlines.  Students with underlying conditions such as ADHD and Specific Learning Disorders may struggle with the new and unfamiliar demands of an online learning environment.  In addition to practicing psychology, Dr. Sinha has been teaching online at the University of Cincinnati for the past 10 years, and can help students with these conditions learn effective self-regulation and metacognitive skills.